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  • King Solomon’s Mines - Part 19 7 Jan 2014

  • God tells us to guard our hearts. This means so much more than our moods and emotions – it’s the very core of our being Read more

  • Is grace too good to be true? 7 Jan 2014

  • Our ‘yes but…’ program clicks in and we ask, ‘what’s the catch?’ Read more

  • Weathering Doubtstorms with Faith 7 Jan 2014

  • Do you ever wonder why some people believe so confidently while you believe so reluctantly? Read more

  • Scripture: God’s Gift – Part 4 7 Jan 2014

  • It turns out that the ‘whole counsel of God’ includes who is before, behind, surrounding and standing at the end of Scripture. Read more

  • Does the Devil hide in the bottom of the bottle? 7 Jan 2014

  • What does the Bible really say about alcohol consumption? Read more



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