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  • Bridging the gap 21 Apr 2014

  • Patience, perspective, mobility and energy are all desirable qualities. That’s why the generations need each other. Read more

  • King Solomon’s mines 21 Apr 2014

  • Modern wisdom from the ancient Book of Proverbs part 20. Read more

  • I will bear your dark side 21 Apr 2014

  • Jesus bore our shame as well as our sin. A look at a side of our human nature we don’t like to acknowledge. Read more

  • Scripture – God’s gift part 5 21 Apr 2014

  • As receivers of this precious gift, we don’t ‘make sense of it,’ we discover its meaning and it makes sense of us. Read more

  • Let someone else do it 21 Apr 2014

  • Jesus was the only person who could do the job he came to do. Read more


  • Are we worth our weight in gold? How does God value us? Read more



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