Volume 2 No 3

It’s an exciting time to live in South Africa with the 2010 Soccer World Cup upon us. The calls of vuvuzelas fill the air and one can’t help but be drawn into the festivities surrounding the event.

For many months there has been much speculation as to how South Africa will be perceived by the rest of the world. It has been interesting to watch as local municipalities and government have been working to ‘get their house in order’ in time for this huge international event.

How do we, as South Africans welcome our visitors and represent our country? Every soccer fan from every country knows that we are the hosts for this event, and the eyes of the world are on us! Every action made and statement uttered by those representing us is closely scrutinised as many critics would love to find fault.

But this has brought to my mind an even more important question and speculation. How am I as a Christian perceived by those around me? Do I faithfully represent God and his way of life? Am I an ambassador for Jesus Christ? Am I led by the Holy Spirit? Friends and family know I proclaim to be Christian, but am I recognised as one of his disciples by the love I show others, by my actions and my words? I hope so!

As a team, we have prepared a veritable feast for you in this issue, with articles to help us grow in our Christian walk, as we strive to be more like Him.