Volume 3 No 1

Open any newspaper, turn on any news broadcast and you will be bombarded with human tragedy.

Floods in Australia, South America and even here in “Sunny South Africa.” Earthquakes...civil unrest in Egypt... ongoing tensions in the Middle East. Fuel prices continue to escalate, pushing up the cost of living. Life is tough! And yes, sometimes we feel that it all becomes just too much to bear.

So how should we react When life sucks?

Through the pages of Face to Face and our radio broadcasts (see back page for details) we would like to offer you hope and assistance in dealing with the everyday problems that all of us face as we go about living in the 21st Century.

We are here to show you that it’s not all bad news, and that God has already put into action a master plan to save us from ourselves (Sacrificial Limb). Not only do we encourage you to join us in developing a closer relationship with God, that will be taken on into eternity, but to examine issues that are common to us all, from a biblical perspective, so that our quality of life now and our relationship with God will be vastly improved(Mansion in the sky).

How should we react when our self esteem takes a knock? (Miss not good enough). Where was God when tragedy struck? Together we will turn to The greatest book ever written, and search out the answers to these questions and others like them. We will examine the core focus of the Bible, Jesus the Christ (Could Jesus have been an imposter)? and through him better understand the awesome love God has for each and every one of us.

I’m thrilled you have decided to join us on this awesome journey, which will lead us all into deeper relationships with each other, as well as face to face with the living God. Look out for our next issue in two months! Till then, we would love to hear what you think of our magazine, or if there are any subjects you would like us to deal with, please do let us know. You will find our contact details on page 3.

Tim Maguire (Executive Editor)

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