Volume 4 No 5

Face to Face Magazine is unashamedly Christian in its approach and presentation. This does not mean we present a list of laws or ethics as a way to live. It means, to the best of our ability, we present to our readers the reality which is Jesus Christ.

Aristotle encouraged his disciples to ‘follow my teachings’, Buddha to ‘follow my meditations’ and Muhammad ‘to follow my noble pillars’.

But Jesus tells us to ‘follow me’.

In other philosophies and religions, following the teachings of the founder is sufficient and would not require a personal relationship with that founder, but in true Christianity it is impossible to separate the teacher and his teachings. Simply put, Christianity is not about works; it’s about a very deep and personal relationship, where Christ radiates from within us.

In Colossians 1:26-27 Paul describes the mystery of the ages, as ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory.’ The One true God, Creator of all the heavens and the earth has chosen you as his dwelling place.

Many feel racked with inadequacies as they try ever harder to become more ‘like Christ.’ For us as humans, this is unattainable. Where the scriptures refer to us as becoming Christ-like and putting on the mind of Christ, the Greek words do not relate to cheap imitation or cognitive understanding, but to the relational knowing of him.

Jesus is no veneer that covers up an inferior wood. He is about transformation from within, because that is where he has chosen to dwell. As we hand more of our life over to him, that transformation continues until we can say, as Paul did ‘I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.’

Christianity should be more of a love affair than a set of do’s and don’ts, and I hope as you read through the pages of this issue of Face to Face Magazine that your love, as well as your understanding of his love, grows ever deeper.

Thank you for your continued support as we spread the Good News of Jesus.


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