Volume 2 No 1

Greetings and welcome to the first edition of Face to Face for 2010!

Trees and decorations are packed away to gather dust for another year. Holidays have been and gone and most people are back to the mundane pursuits of life. The festivities are long forgotten and so are most New Year’s resolutions. It’s not really important though, in the greater scheme of things, as long as He isn’t forgotten along with broken toys and unwanted gifts.

Depression, manifesting itself in different ways, is often a reality after the hype of the Festive Season, among adults and youth alike. In this issue we again look at ways of living as a Christian, and the difference it should make in our lives. Can a ‘True Christian’ get depressed (It cant be depression, can it? and Depressions, downturns on our Youthtalk page), and if so, what can we do about it?

At times we engage our tongue before we have thought about what we are saying, causing hurt and heartache to those around us, our neighbours that we are supposed to love (To speak or not to speak). Who is my neighbour, you may ask? Read on and find out!

Well what about an even bigger question - Who is God? (Who do you say I am? And Who is this Holy Bird?). And of course, through the year as always, we will have Satan and his schemes to contend with, as he tries to tempt us, (Temptation) get us to believe in his falsities, (Surviving the Matrix) and destroy us through feelings of guilt (The Guilt trap).

Let’s make it our goal or resolution this year, simply to draw closer to Him every day, not just for an hour of seat warming during Sunday morning services. Let’s decide to explore, nurture and grow our relationship with Him. We can never be Christians in isolation, because God is a relational God and wants us to be just like Him.

My prayer this year is that we grow into a deeper understanding of this relationship and the incredible gift He has offered each of us. For more information on the plan He set in motion from the foundation of the earth, feel free to request a free copy of the booklet An introduction to Trinitarian theology.

In Christian love, Tim