Volume 2 No 5

After an uplifting world cup, South Africa now faces a serious crisis as Government and trade unions are locked in wage negotiations, resulting in widespread strikes, which in some cases have turned violent. Critical government services have been crippled and it seems that no solution is imminent. It is so sad when people are left feeling so hopeless and under-appreciated that they feel it necessary to embark on mass action, and even more saddening when these people put other’s lives in jeopardy over a few hundred rand a month. I’m left wondering about love, which is what defines God but is so often absent from our own lives.

As humans we are created in his image and he has invited us to participate as his adopted sons and daughters in relationship with him and each other. When Jesus was questioned about the greatest command, he further reveals his Father’s will and being, when he explains that all the commandments are summed up by showing love to God and each other. What a different place this world would be if we could all live by this ideal!

The Bible tells us that Christians will be recognised by the love they have for one another. In this issue we share a feast of articles that will nourish us towards this ideal. We see people going beyond the call of duty, and we are helped to understand and work through xenophobia. God’s love and forgiveness are examined in “Is there a sin God cannot forgive? and humankind’s darker side is laid bare in “Did God create evil?” We are given a look at putting our lives into perspective when our hopes are dashed, and shown how to cope when the going gets tough. And when you’ve done reading...? Well, why not go out and make a difference to our beautiful country by further spreading his love!

Confessions of a Xenophobic pastor

South Africa’s past is synonymous with apartheid. However, a new tag may soon overtake the apartheid tag – Xenophobia, crudely defined as discrimination against foreigners.

Are you waiting for your mansion in the sky?

Two popular old gospel songs contain the words; “There’s a mansion now empty, just waiting for me” and “I’ve got a mansion just over the hilltop.” These lyrics are based...