Volume 5 No 3

We cannot be Christians in isolation!

As we go about our lives we should share the Gospel (the good news of Christ) with others. This was the commission that Jesus gave to his disciples and all those who followed after them.

It’s quite a responsibility!

What if you don’t accurately explain what Christ has done for us through his life, death and resurrection?

What if the person asks you a question that you cannot answer?

Like I did, do you at times feel ill equipped to take on such an important and sometimes daunting responsibility?

When Christ gave his disciples this great commission, he also told them to wait in Jerusalem until they received the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and only then to go out (Matthew 28, Acts 1). In this often overlooked fact is a very important lesson for us all; we are not called on some human mission, but are invited to participate in Christ’s ministry, and empowered to do so through the Holy Spirit.

God understands our human limitations and knows that we need help. Acts 1:8 says “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

This is a really exciting time of year where, as Christians, we get to celebrate Pentecost, the dramatic birth of the New Testament Church. On that day almost 2000 years ago, the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples, allowing them to speak in tongues (not just vain babbling, but a miracle which allowed people from different nations to all understand what was being preached). It was an important lesson for us all - God showed in a very dramatic way that the preaching of the Gospel message would not be inhibited by our human limitations. God had not left them (or us!) without help, but empowered us through his Spirit.

As we communicate and fellowship with God through prayer, study and meditation, we draw closer to him and become more in tune with the prompting of the Holy Spirit and his guidance.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that through the pages of this issue of Face to Face you are led into an ever deepening relationship with the Father, through the Son by the indwelling and guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that you too can participate in his amazing ministry.  

The year ahead is a diary filled with crisp, white, unmarked pages. We live a life of uncertainty, filled with the unknown.  There are just too many variables for us to figure out how it might all turn out. Who might we meet on this journey through our 365 page diary? More importantly, how will we treat them? If they are an ‘Ugly Cat’ will we reject them just because they don’t fit into the ‘Christian’ mould we expect them to? Perhaps we can even be that good Samaritan and hopefully, through Christ’s love dwelling in and flowing through us, we will give them just a glimpse of God’s love for each one of us. 
And yes, I’m sure the year will be filled with challenges. I would like to encourage you, that no matter how bad things get, NEVER doubt God’s love for you. He loves you more than you can ever realise and it is his will that all should be saved (1 Timothy 2:3-4)  - Eternal Life is not just for a select few.
And what about when we face disappointment, and are let down by others, even those we have looked up to. Again, Christ is the only one worthy of our adoration. Look to him for your strength, and yes, when we struggle to forgive those who have wronged us, let’s remember that his is the only perfect forgiveness too.
And of course we will face the everyday battles of life, like battling our weight or facing midlife melancholy.  Whatever the year holds, remember God. Draw close to him. He is your strength and he is your refuge. And you can do all things and cope with anything, through Christ who strengthens you! 
And God willing, we will be walking alongside and encouraging you throughout the year with more inspiring articles  to help make your walk with God all that it should be.
Have a wonderful year!

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