Volume 6 No 5

 I love this time of year!

The only people that I know of who don’t look forward to spring are those who suffer from allergies. It’s a time of new life and fresh starts, when the icy reminder of winter becomes a vague memory.

I once had the opportunity to see the marvel of Namaqualand flowers. It was as if God had taken a brightly coloured palette and brush, and painted the once dry and dull landscape with joyful abandon. Vast patches of dazzling white, bright yellow, glowing orange and luminescent pinks rolled out before me as far as the eye could see.

We even see a similar yet slightly less dramatic transformation take place around our own homes. Dusty lawns miraculously turn a vibrant shade of green. Flowers, which over winter were just a tiny invisible seed, fight their way through the once dry, seemingly dead soil and now brighten our gardens.

And this miracle all comes about as a result of two external triggers; the warming of the sun and life giving rain, which creates a rebirth of the landscape.

As Christians, we too are reborn, as the apostle Paul describes it, as a totally new creation. Just as creation springs forth as a result of sun and rain, we are not just transformed, but recreated by the warmth of the Son and the life giving waters of the Holy Spirit.

Being a follower of Christ was never meant to be dry and boring, or a long lists of ‘dos and don’ts’. His life should be an example to us; people were irresistibly drawn to him in powerful ways. As his followers, let’s learn to enjoy our Christian lives, bedazzling people with this amazing rebirth that takes place within us. Others should be awestruck at Christ living in and through us and exclaim ‘I want to be like that’!

My prayer is that in some small way, this issue of Face to Face may encourage and assist you to live out that amazing rebirth and transformation.

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