Volume 8 No 2

Dear friends

“How did he do that?” The magician makes magic and the audience stares wide-eyed and open-mouthed. “Amazing!” “Incredible” “I can’t believe it!” It seems that magicians today are performing more astonishing illusions than ever before. But do you realise that compared to God the most amazing magician is not amazing at all?

The prophet Isaiah called Jesus “Wonderful Counsellor” (Isaiah 9:6) but the words “wonderful” or “wonder”” are much weightier than the way we use them today. We say something is “wonderful” if it is pleasant or lovely. But Jesus is wonderful in a way that is mind-boggling. The word wonderful in this verse literally means ‘incomprehensible.’ This word was first used of the plagues in Egypt and also describes the parting of the Red Sea. This is not about magic or religious illusions. These miracles spring from who God is. His works are not only wonderful – He is wonderful. He is overwhelming, shocking, astonishing – awesome. This is who He is.  

 “Wonderful” is the ultimate surprise, the “Wow – I never expected that!” and “I can’t explain it!” It’s the “I don’t know what to do with this. I need eyes bigger than I have to take it all in. I’m speechless”. All you can do is stand in awe and worship. When Jesus performed a miracle by over-filling the disciples’ empty nets with fish, Peter fell at Jesus’ knees in astonishment. “Awe overwhelmed Peter and everyone with him.” Another translation says “He was gripped with bewildering amazement” (Luke 5:8-10). I am learning to never put God in a box and think I know everything about Him and how He is supposed to act! He works and He is beyond our wildest dreams. 

In this issue of Face to Face you will learn more about our “Wonderful” Triune God. As usual our magazine  continues to share these awesome wonders with you! I pray that these articles create a hunger inside of you for a realisation, a knowing, a seeing of this wonderful, marvellous Jesus – He who is the ultimate marvel.

Ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your understanding and guide you into all truth. Ask Him to enable you to see who God really is. The Holy Spirit will begin to open up to you this life of wonder. God calls us to an amazing life and future - His love for you is beyond comprehension. He wants to take you on a journey. Walk with him and you will experience and see things that are too wonderful for words!

Your brother in Christ

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